TST School Cleaning Services has built a reputation for providing cost effective yet very professional cleaning services to:

Pre-school and Day Care Centres (including Out Of School Hours Centres)

From day care centres through to technical colleges and universities, large and small we can supply teams of fully trained and supervised staff. All our cleaning and maintenance staff undergo WWC (working with children) clearances and training to deal with the variety of tasks, which can include; play ground areas, play ground equipment, staff rooms, gymnasiums, gym equipment, auditoriums, libraries, class rooms, offices, laboratories, washroom amenities, lunchrooms, cafeteria’s and dormitory cleaning for schools providing students with boarding accommodation.

A breakdown of our full range of services is as follows;

Initial & detail cleaning
Window cleaning (including high rise window cleaning)
High pressure cleaning
Cleaning student rooms (including making beds)
Floor maintenance
Stripping and Sealing of floors
Carpet and Rug Steam cleaning
Upholstery cleaning
Commercial kitchen cleaning

Deep cleaning of amenities and change rooms (including tile and grout cleaning)
Pre & Post function cleaning
Event cleaning e.g. Gala Days and Festivals
• Rubbish removal e.g. providing cost effective skip bins
Chewing Gum Removal
Graffiti removal

By choosing TST, educational organisations can be guaranteed of reducing their maintenance budgets for painting, student desk and chair replacements, toilets, tiles and surrounds and keeping graffiti to an absolute minimum due to our thorough cleaning.

Chewing Gum Removal

There are currently only two methods for external chewing gum removal on the market. One is a Gurney with a hot box which uses 5L of water per minute and can still leave residue.
We believe, in this climate of strict water restrictions and environmental concerns Steam Cleaning is the only option.

Uses only 3L of water per hour
• Removes gum from all surfaces
• Removes all residue with the vacuum attachment
Takes only 3-5 seconds to remove each gum spot
Can be used on any surface without causing damage
Uses only a small amount of bio-degradable, P-H neutral detergent to remove gum

This system also:
Cleans and sanitises toilets, urinals, sinks, taps, tiles & grout, showers, soap dispensers, hand dryers, walls, floors, ceilings, ovens, fridges & seals.
Creates no water run off and vacuums up any residue leaving the surface clean, dry and ready for immediate use.



tst school cleaning services has built

a reputation for providing cost effective yet very professional cleaning services