General Manager


I’m George Shamoon, General Manager for TST Property Services. My role is to oversee the operations and development of TST’s growth generally.

I implement all necessary measures to reassure clients and staff that their objectives are ours. At TST, we are committed to delivering the best possible services through cost-effective and long-term services for all our clients.

We ensure that we are also looking after the welfare of our staff and growing the business in a further appropriate manner.

National Contracts Manager


Hi, I’m Christine, TST Property Services National Contracts Manager. Our prime objective in Customer Service is to ensure we can deliver exactly what our clients want and need.

That’s why at TST, we work more personally with our clients to adhere to their primary target and achieve this through our flexibility.

Operations Manager


Hello, I am Alan, TST’s Operations Manager. My overall job is to manage and assist the customer service managers in what duties they must uphold at sites and frequent site visits with consistent reporting from client to staff. At TST, we prioritise communication and achieve this through active feedback to and from supervisors and clients.

TST is different from other commercial cleaning services because our availability is unlimited, and we are always here to respond and deliver any messages quickly.

Project Manager


Hello, I am Yanni, the Project Manager for TST. I oversee all the warehouse requirements and organise staff training, including onsight staff-specific training and supporting the area managers and operations.

At TST, we strive for a system that grants clients’ demands to be met, and our warehouse structure offers precisely that.

Senior Contracts Manager


Hi, my name is Mary, TST’s Senior Contracts Manager. I am highly motivated to achieve high customer service and cleaning standards.

One of my strengths is my excellent attention to detail and push to strive with all my teams to achieve high cleaning standards throughout our sites.

My career here at TST has been gratifying, and I continue to strive and deliver a strong quality of service and work alongside my TST family.

Customer Service Manager


Hi, my name is Maria, one of the Customer Service managers for TST Property Services.

TST is a customer service-orientated business where we like to work with our clients to understand their requirements, enabling us to shape our services best and apply them to our highest level.

We look forward to taking care of your next project.

Customer Service Manager


Hello, I am Kellie, a Customer Service Manager. My role at TST as a customer service manager is to support clients and our team to maintain the highest level of cleaning possible.

We can do this through feedback and visits to our clients, which involves regular inspections at each site to achieve the best outcome at all times.



I have the Accounts position. I deal mainly with finance-related work, which includes creating and responding to in-going and out-going invoices and remittances and helping in dealing with the financial side of our suppliers.

I am also responsible for payroll. It’s also been a pleasure to gain insight into all our clients.

Warehouse Manager


Hello, my name is Chris, and I am the warehouse manager.

Our warehouse is stocked with an array of equipment and consumables to meet our clientele’s demands/needs.

I must ensure the orders are processed and ready for delivery and dispatch for our staff and all our sites. We also provide our prices are very competitive at all times.



Hi, my name is Ivy, the receptionist. I offer a skilled, effective service that satisfies our clients and workers’ demands.

My job involves but is not limited to, informing the staff, clients and suppliers about services and doing clerical support duties, including planning meetings and compiling data. 

Warehouse Support


I am Vodel, and I am the warehouse’s support for TST. My role is to organise and dispatch orders and offer my utmost assistance to area managers.

At TST, I take pride in completing all my tasks to gain client satisfaction.

Office Support


I’m Revanna, and I serve as internal office support. I look after all additional office work and cater to clients needing assistance.

I have online skills that are sufficiently incorporated for area managers to utilise whilst striving for clientele satisfaction. 


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