Safety is an important focus at TST. It is the responsibility of the company and staff to ensure the safety of all employees, clients and visitors and the general public at our workplaces and to carry out these tasks without damage to the environment.

It is recognised that every employee (or service provider) regardless of status or position has both an individual and co-operative responsibility to be uncompromising with respect to work health and safety concerns. Risk management is incorporated as an integral part of all business initiatives and operations, ensuring all hazards are identified, assessed, controlled and modified as necessary to maintain safe working activities. TST’s full WHS responsibilities and actions are detailed in our WHS Management Plan which is AS/NZS 4801:2001 Certified.

TST is committed to:

  1. the implementation and maintenance of an WHS Management System to that required by AS/NZS 4801:2001 standard
  2. comply to all legislative and regulatory obligations as a minimum and pursue best practice applications beyond these requirements
  3. provide the necessary training for all staff to safely carry out their jobs
  4. consult with staff, on a regular basis, to identify any control risks
  5. maintain plant and equipment in a safe operating condition
  6. isolate defective or dangerous equipment until fixed or replaced
  7. set and monitor WHS and environmental improvement objectives and targets as part of our business system
  8. review this policy to continue assessing legislative and regulatory requirements and organisational needs for continual improvement

TST Property Services uses the following forms to help identify safety risks and to help ensure all safety measures have been met and documented. (This is used at the start of the contract and when any contract site changes):

Safe Work Method Statement
Accident Investigation Report (this is only completed when an accident or near miss has occurred)
Workplace Safety Checklist
Chemical Register
Electrical Tagging-Testing Form
Site Equipment Register
Site Checklist
• Site Induction Form
• Site Hazard Identification Report

tst is responsible to ensure

the safety of all employees