TST Property Services mission is to be one of Australia’s premier commercial service providers. With this in mind, it makes excellent business and community sense for the company and its staff to strive towards best practice in environmental management for all operations. TST strive towards best practice in environmental management for all operations and carry out these tasks without damage to the environment. Additionally, to fulfil its obligations as a corporate citizen to the broader community, TST has made a positive commitment to operate all sectors of the business in an environmentally friendly manner.

TST has an Environmental Management System that is ISO 14001:2015 Certified. TST uses environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals, and are quality assured. You will find all products we use will have a MSDS available.

With reference to the Environmental Protection Authority and related legislation TST has progressively adopted an environmental policy that is expandable and grows with each new contract and is also flexible enabling it to meet the progressive legislative and regulatory changes as they occur.

The broad policy contains the following principles:

Promote environmental awareness and responsibility among all members of the Company community
Promote the principles and practices of environmental responsibility by sharing knowledge and experience with our stakeholders
Identify, monitor and report on its community, legal and ethical environmental obligations
Strive for environmental best practice and, as befits a major service provider, be at the forefront in defining best practice
Continue the company’s high level of commitment in environmental areas with particular reference to the rising importance of ecologically sustainable practices
Recognise our environmental obligations, both locally and nationally, to present and future generations
Develop a balanced approach that is environmentally sound, operationally viable and designed to meet the needs of the organisation while  allowing the company to fulfil its contract obligations.

tst is committed to providing excellent cleaning services

to existing and potential clients, in a professional, competence and courteous manner